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A comprehensive product line designed specifically for each application

RadComm has an extensive product line, and can provide many industries with complete plant (or facility) protection, from gate entrances, grapple mounted systems, conveyor and charge bucket operations to off-gas monitoring.

Type of System


Vehicle Monitoring Radiation Detection Systems

vehcile 5 vehcile 6

  • Small, merchant traffic
  • Medium, road vehicles
  • Large, truck and rail
  • High volume, truck and rail

Grapple+Magnet Mounted Radiation Detection Systems

Grapple 5 Grapple 6
  • Scrap handling
  • Various sizes to fit most grapples
  • Port/harbor / waterside unloading / loading
  • Rail car unloading / loading
  • Charge bucket loading

Conveyor Mounted Radiation Detection Systems

comveyor 1 comveyor 2


  • Infeed, specific to each application
  • Downstream, specific to each application
  • Ideal for shredders



Charge Bucket Mounted Radiation Detection Systems

Chargebucket 1 Chargebucket 2

  • “In-air”, specific to each application
  • Wireless capability
  • Last defense against radioactive sources

Off-gas / Dust Radiation Detection Systems

Offgas 1

  • Specific to each application
  • Minimize impact of source melting
  • Early warning system

Portable, Handheld Radiation Detector




  • Simple, easy to use and operate
  • Rugged, durable design for steel applications
  • Ideal to locate a source



  • Designed for laboratory applications
  • Radioisotope analysis and specific activity calculation
  • HIgh degree of accuracy