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The MSpec portable Fast Responding Radiation Spectrometer and Dose Rate Meter will instantly measure any material for the presence of radioactivity, whether it is General Waste, Medical Waste, or Scrap Metal.


Operation of the MSpec is completely automatic once the easy-to-set operational parameters have been decided upon. Simply position the unit in close proximity to the object that needs to be scanned and listen for the varying audio alarm to sound and/or the displayed readings to increase. The MSpec scans suspect material and quickly analyses to determine if and what nuclide is present then categorizes the result as Medical, Industrial, or Natural Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).


The selectable display readout will show the desired units of measure such as Counts per Second (CPS), Dose-Rate (nSv/h), Exposure Rate (µR/h), or Accumulated Dose (nSv).





The MSpec stores all results in a record which can be downloaded via USB into RadComm’s Vehicle software for archiving of information and be accessed for further data analysis or emailing of reports. Remote servicing/diagnostics and software updates of the MSpec can be achieved by utilizing the RadComm software. The MSpec was designed specifically for the Waste and Medical industries to quickly and effectively establish whether isotopes are medical in nature. This feature allows users to determine what the next steps are according to the company’s ISO/SOP standards and/or State/Provincial requirements. This can significantly save time & money by eliminating the need to quarantine trucks/equipment and allow them to remain productive on the road.



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  • Rugged Case 12.07L x 6.3W x 3.1H cms (4.75” L x 2.5” W x 1.22” H)
  • Display Window 3.8L x 4.45W cms (1.5” L x 1.75” W)
  • Five Push Button Actuation
  • Mini USB Connector for Internal Battery Charging
  • Thru-hole Arrangement for Maximum Radiation Energy Penetration
  • Thru-hole for Audio Alarm
  • Weight 200g (0.44lbs)



  • Menu Driven User Interface
  • Menu Feature Selection controlled by a 5 push button activation
  • Selectable features: Sensitivity, Date and Time, Units of Measure, Readings Update, Language
  • PC configurable with email capability
  • Up to 6 digit Auto-scaling displayed radiation level
  • Selectable displayed units - CPS. R/hr, Sv/hr
  • Base sampling rate is 200 mSec, screen updates every 1 second (CPS)
  • Battery level indicator
  • Warning messages



  • Micro-Controller Based Architecture
  • 3.96L x 4.6W cms (1.56” L x 1.81” W) LCD with Backlight
  • Backlight Auto-Off (180 seconds) with Push Button Auto-On
  • CsI(Na) Crystal: 13mm X 38mm (0.5” X 1.5”)
  • Audio Alarm with Vibration
  • Stable Low Noise H.V. Power Supply
  • Internal Rechargeable Li Ion Battery with Charging LED indicator
  • Battery Life:  6 hours continuous with Backlight
  • Battery Recharge Time:  4.5 hours based on 2400mAh Battery


  • Energy Range: 20 KeV-3.0 MeV
  • Dose Rate Range: Very Low Dose (VLD) 0.01 μSv/hr up to Moderate High Dose (MHD) 10.0 mSv/hr
  • Gamma sensitivity: Cs137 1300 cps/mR/hr
  • Fast scanning response: 30.0 nSv/hr (3.0 μR/hr) Change over ambient background
  • Resolution: 8% or better at 662 KeV
  • Operating temperature range: -10 to +45 ºC (14 ºF to +113ºF)
  • Accumulated Dose: 10 Sv (resettable)
  • Radiation Warning Level: 10 μSv/hr (1.14 mR/hr)


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