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RadComm Service and Support


For service support, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This email is monitored by our service personnel.

If a voice call is required, call 1-800-588-5229 ext.3, or +1(905)829-8290 ext.3.



Systems that are easy to maintain, offering reliable, year round operation


All of our customers agree, RadComm excels in SERVICE !
RadComm systems are designed specifically to be easy to install and maintain. This includes clear installation instructions and back-up,

on-site training and alarm procedure and protocol support if required. RadComm design and parts are typically modular and facilitate

easy change-out and repair. All the systems have been manufactured with premium quality components, ruggedized hardware and in

some cases heavy steel construction. The result is reliable, long lasting equipment.

RadComm is noted worldwide for its responsive technical support and service. RadComm’s service personnel are experienced in

radiation detection within the workings of the steel industry, anticipating typical problems and able to troubleshoot unpredictable

events. Typical service begins with a timely, responsive telephone call, network trouble-shooting and support, followed when

necessary by an on-site service call.

RadComm also keeps a substantial inventory of spare parts strategically inventoried around the world and readily available to ship,

ensuring any unfortunate downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Responsive technical support, maintenance and service

 No interruptions in scrap flow

  • RadComm has dedicated service technicians that have expertise in the steel and scrap metal industries and are competent in solving various application problems.
  • Initially a combination of telephone and remote support can solve most problems and technical issues
  • Full parts inventory readily available and parts change out is simple given RadComm’s modular design. Service technicians are available to make service calls as required.
  • Service technicians can also service other manufacturer’s radiation detection systems and keeps a limited supply of spare parts.




RadComm provides customers the training they require to effectively operate our systems, also to understand radiation safety concepts.


The courses we provide are listed below.





  1. Radiation basics & origin of radiation.
  2. Radioactive materials.
  3. Radiation detection techniques.
  4. Handling of radiation materials & safety issues.


Course length: 1-2 hours




  1. Basic training on radiation.
  2. Detail on system display on the console.
  3. Detail on system menu.
  4. How to confirm the alarm in the load.
  5. How to retrieve historical data such as alarm and clean scans.


Course length: 4 hours





  1. System layout as block diagrams.
  2. System interconnecting diagrams.
  3. Description of system component and their function.
  4. Understanding error messages.
  5. Component replacement.
  6. System software and application
  7. System configurations and calibration.


Course length: 8 hours (some basic understanding of electronics/computer knowledge is required)